Cinnamon Chip Scones

As a third year I’ve been spending more time in clinic and less time in class, so my nights have freed up and I don’t have to spend quite as many hours at my desk after 5PM. As a result, Ryan and I have upgraded our cable package and I’ve also been spending some more time baking small batches of desserts “just because”. (Don’t worry, I also have more time to go to the gym too…) Scones are very easy to throw together, so I knew they’d be a perfect weeknight pairing for a few hours glued to the TV catching up on Game of Thrones. Nothing like a little incest, violence, and cinnamon scones on a Wednesday night!

Ryan has particularly benefited from the recent onset of weeknight baking endeavors, but it has been nice to have homemade treats on hand for other reasons too. A few weeks ago my friend had quite a traumatic day – a patient suffered a brain aneurysm in her chair, and there really was nothing any of us could say to cheer her up. She joked to me, “I’m gonna need some aneurysm cookies, Erica”, but instead I brought in a few of these cinnamon chip scones that I had leftover from the night before. I can ensure you that these homemade scones will brighten the darkest of days and I love being able to make people happy with my hobby – either visually through my blog or viscerally through their stomachs :)

These scones exceeded my expectations – they had a great texture and exploded with cinnamon flavor, thanks to an entire bag of cinnamon chips. I thought there was a typo in the recipe, but I dumped in the whole bag, and I’m glad I did. And just in case 10 oz of chips didn’t provide quite enough flavor, I also melted some caramels leftover from another recipe and drizzled away. These might not be as healthy as my last batch of blueberry scones, but at least I’m not recommending this batch for breakfast. Bottom line, they were delicious and I will definitely be messing around with this recipe to try more flavors! Any suggestions??

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Cinnamon Chip Scones

Recipe adapted from Taste of Home

Yield: 12 scones


3-1/4 cups all purpose flour
1/3 cup + 2 tbsp sugar, divided
2-1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cup cold butter, cubed
1 cup buttermilk
1, 10-oz package cinnamon chips
2 tbsp butter, melted


Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

In a large bowl, whisk together flour, 1/3 cup sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

Cut in the butter using a pastry cutter or 2 forks until coarse crumbs form.

Stir in buttermilk until just moistened and fold in cinnamon chips.

Turn dough onto a lightly-floured surface and knead gently until dough is no longer sticky.

Divide dough in half and gently form each half into a 7″ circle. Brush with butter and sprinkle with remaining sugar.

Cut each circle into 6 wedges. Separate wedges and place on an ungreased cookie sheet.

Bake for 10-13 minutes or until lightly browned

For the caramel drizzle, I simply melted a few handfuls of packaged caramels and drizzled them over the scones.


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16 Responses to “Cinnamon Chip Scones”

  1. #
    onceuponarecipe — September 15, 2011 @ 8:30 pm

    Yum, these look tasty! I just made some apple cinnamon scones (with ground cinnamon rather than cinnamon chips), but I bet grated apple in this recipe with the cinnamon chips would be amazing!

  2. #
    Michelle — September 15, 2011 @ 9:12 pm

    I baked these up on my blog also, but yours look much prettier. I also love the caramel drizzle on top – the perfect touch!

  3. #
    Penguin in the Kitchen — September 16, 2011 @ 2:18 am

    These look so delicious. They are making me homesick for beautiful autumn days!

  4. #
    Erika - The Teenage Taste — September 17, 2011 @ 11:36 am

    These look fabulous! I LOVE cinnamon chips! <3

  5. #
    myfudo — September 18, 2011 @ 2:09 am

    Magnificent creativity. I would love to learn all those artistic designs of yours. Cupcakes, cookies and crumb bars look so elegantly done.

  6. #
    Anonymous — September 23, 2011 @ 7:11 am

    My, oh my these look divine! I want to grab one from the screen right now! Just wanted to say that I love your blog, it’s just so cute! And you’ve definetley got some tasty looking recipes! But do you know how much cinnamon I could use if I make these without cinnamon chips and with cinnamon instead? Or, could I lessen the amount of cinnamon chips? If so, to how much exactly should I lessen it to?

  7. #
    Erica — September 23, 2011 @ 5:20 pm

    If you wanted to use cinnamon instead of the chips, I would do 1-1/2 tsp of cinnamon. And maybe just 1 tsp if you use less chips. Good luck!

  8. #
    Jacqueline Mulder — October 4, 2011 @ 1:59 am

    i made these and topped them with a cinnamon syrup drizzle… delish!

  9. #
    Hodge Podge — October 5, 2011 @ 8:43 am

    Love these, especially the buttermilk base for the dough. Any idea how to turn them into raspberry and white chocolate scones???

  10. #
    Erica — October 5, 2011 @ 12:28 pm

    Hodge Podge – maybe use 8oz of white chocolate chips, mix in 1/4 cup raspberry jam/puree, and reduce the buttermilk to 3/4 cup? Let me know if you try it!

  11. #
    Nichelle_Nichole — October 18, 2011 @ 2:23 am

    Is it 3/4 cup butter?

  12. #
    Erica — October 18, 2011 @ 2:29 am

    Nichelle – yes, sorry about that! It’s fixed in the recipe now :)

  13. #
    AnickH — February 6, 2012 @ 9:12 am

    omg yum! I LOVE SCONES. i just bought cinnamon chips today so i can make these,.cant wait

  14. #
    AnickH — August 6, 2012 @ 11:45 am i made them they turned out AWESOME

  15. #
    The Kook @ The Kitchen Kook — February 1, 2013 @ 9:20 pm

    I’m planning on going to dental school just like you!

    I also just made some cinnamon chip scones myself! Mmm! So buttery, tender, soft, and delicate. Mmm. Literally the best thing that I’ve made. Definitely not the rock-hard, chewy, tough, dry, BLAND scones that I’m used to. Thank God!

    I used a slightly different recipe than yours with less flour – so the dough, and trust me when I say this, was not dry at all! I hope to try yours soon and compare!

  16. #
    Barbara — February 27, 2013 @ 9:31 pm

    Made these this morning and have eaten 2 already. I was worried about the amount on cinnamon chips (have never used them before and was worried the scones would taste like Big Red) but I followed the recipe exactly, I even added the caramel and they are delicious, thanks for sharing.

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