I first started my obsession with Molly’s blog back in December when I was given her name to send a batch of cookies to for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap (seen here!). Her recipes are so original, her writing is full of spunk, and her photos are fresh and inspiring. I just can’t get enough! And that’s why I’m so excited to have her here today to share some baking tips with all of you. Without further ado, here’s Molly from my name is yeh

Erica: Hi, Molly! Please tell my readers and I a little about yourself and your blog.

Molly: Hi! My name is Molly and I live on a farm in the Midwest with my fiancé, Nick. We moved here last year from New York, where we met in music school. I’ve kept diaries since the day I could write, and my little blog is simply an extension of that. I enjoy posting recipes that are inspired by my Jewish and Chinese roots, as well as bits about my travels and life around the farm!

Erica: What’s your favorite kitchen tool or baking tip you’d like to share with all of us?

Molly: I have a few favorite tools: the rubber spatula, my food processor, and my pistachio Kitchen-Aid. The rubber spatula because it makes licking the cake batter out of the bowl way easier. The food processor because one day Nick and I woke up and we were suddenly hummus snobs that only liked homemade hummus and frowned upon the store-bought kind. (I still eat it when I’m lazy…) And my Kitchen-Aid because I can put a bunch of egg whites in it, stand there for a few minutes while I check my Instagram, and then magically all of a sudden have fluffy meringue.

There’s a reason basics are basics and I’d have to agree with every one of Molly’s selections. Here are some of her fantastic recipes for great creations that utilize all of the baker’s essential tools!

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Perfect Meringues  //  Mini Champagne Cakes

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    molly yeh — August 15, 2014 @ 3:47 pm

    awww, your words are making my blush!!! thank you so much for having me, erica!! happy weekend to you :) :)

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