If you’re not already a dedicated follower of Life, Love, and Sugar, you’re definitely going to have to add her to your blog reader after scrolling through this post. Lindsay’s recipes consistently impress me and I’ve been inspired day after day by her beautiful layer cakes, cookie cakes, and cupcakes! She takes gorgeous photos and splashes around plenty of color and sprinkles that make me smile, and I’m so excited to have her here today for another Blogger Baking Basic.


Erica: Hi, Lindsay! Please tell my readers and I a little about yourself and your blog.

Lindsay: Hi everyone! I’m Lindsay, from Life, Love and Sugar. My blog is focused on all kinds of sweet treats, but I have special place in my heart for cake – both for the look and taste. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and would gladly eat dessert first. I live just outside of Atlanta, GA with my husband and black lab. My husband and I actually met back in high school and have been together ever since.

Erica: What’s your basic baking tip you’d like to share with all of us today?

Lindsay: One of my favorite things to use in baking is parchment paper. It’s non-stick, so I use it in the bottom of pans when baking cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, etc. I cut circles for the bottom of my cake pans and then grease the sides and never have trouble with cakes sticking. I also use it when making brownies and have it coming up the sides, so that I can just lift the bars out when they’re cool. It makes cutting so much easier. Plus, the pan is much easier to clean. :) I use it so often, I buy it in bulk at Costco!


Agreed, parchment paper is like no other in a baker’s kitchen! No wonder your cakes always come out so flawless :) Here are a few of Lindsay’s recipes that will have you cutting parchment paper like crazy and making beautiful cakes and brownies like a pro. 


fudgy brownies with crunchy butterfinger crust  //  no-bake strawberry milkshake cheesecake

chocolate chip cookie dough layer cake  //  reese’s peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cake

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