I know I greeted you with “Happy Spring!” a few weeks ago with bright lemony muffins, but it hasn’t been until now that the weather has actually felt seasonally appropriate. I spent the weekend in Durham, NC at my five year college reunion (having the time of my life!) and there it was definitely warm, but returning to the city yesterday to temps in the 70s was a true treat. I think we’ve finally turned a corner here and with all the trees sprouting and flowers blooming, I’m truly hoping we’re over the worst of this never-ending winter. So today we’re re-celebrating the changing seasons with these overtly springy rice krispie flower pops. They’re colorful, shaped like flowers, and even decorated with Easter candy (jelly beans) so I think you’ll agree they’re just about as springy as you can get!

Rice Krispie Flower Pops 5950 copy

I actually made these as a birthday treat for a friend (Hi, Ashley!) but they’d also be perfect for Easter dessert, a bridal shower, or really any occasion that calls for a whimsical treat. Making rice krispie pops are much easier than cake pops, but you still get the cute effect of a treat on a stick and the opportunity to decorate however you’d like. Instead of lollipop sticks I chose to use paper straws which are actually leftover from my wedding and they add so much color and fun (you can find them here – love that they’re called Granny Chic haha). I chose to flavor the rice krispie treats with some leftover cake mix and sprinkles since they were for a birthday, but you could also try peanut butter, cookie butter, Nutella, or just leave them plain. Then they can then be dipped, drizzled, sprinkled, jelly-beaned – whatever you wish! I used halved jelly beans for the flower centers and decided to stick with a white chocolate drizzle and hot pink crystal sugar to jazz them up a bit.

Rice Krispie Flower Pops 5962 copy

As pretty as they are, they also couldn’t be easier to make. Rice krispies are one of the simplest treats to put together, and then the mixture is just pressed into a 9×13 pan and you can use whatever cookie cutter you want to cut out shapes. I used melted white chocolate to secure the sticks to the little krispie flowers, but you could forgo the sticks altogether and make flower bites instead of flower pops if you want. I debated dipping the whole thing in white chocolate for a more polished look, but I kind of love how crazy and colorful these turned out with the drizzle and bright sprinkles. Definitely makes me want to grab my sunnies, throw on a good neon outfit, and stroll through the city enjoying the smell of the spring flowers!

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