Sweet Sunday Six

There’s nothing like spending an October weekend in New England (Connecticut specifically) to remind you why the Northeast isn’t so bad after all. The foliage, the crisp weather, the apples and pumpkins – it’s beautiful! And today’s roundup reflects just that. This season is almost overwhelming with all the baking choices between spooky Halloween treats and warm, spiced desserts. I want to bake ALL THE THINGS!! Fotor01019110542

1. Double Caramel Popcorn Brownies from Sugar Hero

2. Pumpkin Spice Granola Bars from Annie’s Eats

3. Giant Cinnamon Roll Cookie Cake from Life, Love, Sugar

4. Bloody Halloween Shots from Heather Christo Cooks

5. Salted Caramel Apple Snickers Cake from Half Baked Harvest

6. Dark Chocolate Dipped Funfetti Shortbread Cookies from The Little Kitchen

Clam Cookies + Octopus Pops 8985 copy

I’m taking a quick break from all of the oranges, browns, and beiges of late to bring you a little unseasonal color and subject – under the sea-themed treats! One thing I’ve learned...


Sweet Sunday Six

October is so fun in the blogosphere! Plenty of flavors to play with – apple, pumpkin, caramel, cinnamon – and so many Halloween themes and colors to incorporate as well. It’s...

Samoas Pretzel Bites 8620 copy

Samoas Pretzel Bites

If you ever walked into the back room of the clinic I work in, you would never guess in a million years that the room belongs to a group of dentists....


Sweet Sunday Six

I started this Sweet Sunday Six feature right as summer was really warming up, and you’ll see from the changes in color of the desserts I’ve featured exactly how much the...

Magic Bar Cookies 8269 copy

Magic Bar Cookies

When I hosted a cookie-exchange party around Christmas last year Ryan declared his favorite cookie of the whole bunch to be the magic bars. Not my peppermint mocha creations or the fancy salted...


Sweet Sunday Six

Not a lot of time to chat today, too busy enjoying the City of Brotherly Love with some good friends – but still plenty of time to share these delicious treats!...

Cinnamon Apple Skillet Cake 8825 copy

It’s officially fall! And if every other blogger hasn’t already alerted you to the fact that the seasons have changed, then I’m here to carry on the ever-lasting weather conversation here...


Sweet Sunday Six

From the looks of what I’ve favorited this week, you can tell I’m getting used to the idea of fall sneaking its way in officially as of tomorrow. But of course...

Chocolate Cookie Butter Cookie Dough Bars 7859 copy

I really don’t know what to call these. But crack cocaine didn’t seem appropriate, so I went for “cookie butter cookie dough caramel bars” instead. I made these weeks ago in...