Time to share stop #2 on the Sweet Tooth NYC Bakery Tour – the Treat House! While Levain Bakery has been around almost 20 years, this rice krispie specialty shop only opened their doors in August of 2013. But that shouldn’t imply they’re not already wildly popular because when I stepped into their shop a week before Christmas, they had half their store blocked off to deal with the influx of holiday orders. They’ve certainly come onto the NYC bakery scene with a bang, and after hearing about them from friends and imitating their look with my own Funfetti Rice Krispie Treats, I knew it was time to have a taste for myself. Just look how enticing and adorable everything is!

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This bakery is located just a few blocks up from Levain on Amsterdam between 81st and 82nd and their storefront entices you immediately with their fun logo and cheery colors. I was really impressed with how the company blended a modern design with a rustic feel. There’s actually a “tree house” inside to sit down in and enjoy your treats, but that area was closed off the day we visited. Oh well, just another reason to have to go back :) All of the marshmallows used in their treats are homemade and they’re decorated to perfection, definitely a step up from your average bakesale treat. Plus they’re packaged really cutely to-go and make for easy transport around the city.


When I say this place is a rice krispie specialty store, I mean it – it’s practically the only thing they sell. But with their offerings of over 15 flavors, you don’t miss the variety of options. The flavors vary with the season so there’s always a reason to go back and try something new. Ryan and I picked out 12 to sample for ourselves (ok, and maybe share a few) including gingerbread, vanilla, birthday cake, mint chocolate, bubblegum, cookies and cream, chocolate raspberry, peppermint, chocolate peanut butter, graham cracker, caramel sea salt, and chocolate pretzel. Yes, we realize that’s a bit excessive for 2 people but I really wanted to try as many as I could! Of the mix, I would have to say our favorites were the chocolate peanut butter, chocolate pretzel, and caramel sea salt – but that shouldn’t really be a surprise to many of you :)


The verdict: So if you’ve noticed, I’m kind of skirting around the subject of how these little guys tasted. Usually I’ve said “delicious” at least 5 times by this point in a regular post. Sorry people, but I just wasn’t super impressed! I absolutely love the presentation and concept of the shop, but I found them all kind of stale tasting to be completely honest. Maybe that’s just because I happen to not be the biggest fan of rice krispie treats, but I know for a fact I couldn’t stop eating the peanut butter cup, funfetti, and cookie butter versions I’ve made myself. It’s possible I just have a preference for artificial tasting marshmallows and loads of sugar, but I’m going to have to say that these were not the best rice krispie treats I’ve had. I still do recommend stopping by the shop and tasting one or two for yourself if you’re a NYC local, but I wouldn’t go out of your way to get one if you’re just passing through. The portability, adorability, and trendiness factors are high here, but unfortunately for me the taste just wasn’t all there. Oh well, on to the next bakery!

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    Alana — January 19, 2014 @ 9:10 pm

    Thanks for the honest review! I’ve never had a homemade marshmallow but have always wanted to try one. I imagine that homemade marshmallows get stale significantly quicker since they don’t have all the preservatives.

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