Cookies and Cream Popcorn

I have really bad luck with making popcorn – Ryan has even forbidden me from making popcorn in our apartment after consecutively burning 2 bags in the microwave within the same week.  I love a small bag of kettle corn as a snack, but unfortunately I’m not very lucky when it comes to popping them, and the terrible smell of a burnt bag of popcorn seems to linger for weeks.  However, after ignoring my microwave popcorn restriction and making this amazing cookies and cream treat, I’m pretty sure I can now make popcorn whenever I want.  Ryan, myself, and a few friends I shared this with were all 100% addicted to this popcorn and the fact that it’s so easy to make is a scary thought – bikinis beware!

Making this is SO SO easy, as in the hardest part is not burning the popcorn.  Freshly popped kettle corn is mixed with crushed Oreos and melted white chocolate and laid out to dry.  I love Oreos and everything cookies and cream (ice cream, cookies, cakes, cheesecakes) so it only makes sense that cookies and cream popcorn be added to the list.  I always make sure to have a package of Oreos on hand (double-stuf, of course) for easy recipes like this, or just a late night snack.  This is a great recipe for a party snack – you can simply double the ingredients and definitely impress a large group of friends.  Although make sure to set aside a healthy portion for yourself – I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s addicting!

After such success with this “recipe”, I think there will definitely be more popcorn concoctions in my future.  I’ve spied a few peanut butter cup and even funfetti variations online and I’m pretty sure Ryan wouldn’t even be mad if I burnt a batch of popcorn in the process…

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Cookies and Cream Popcorn

Recipe adapted from Cooking Classy


1 bag kettle corn or regular white popcorn
12 Oreos, crushed finely
6 oz vanilla candy melts


Pop bag of popcorn according to package instructions - listen to your microwave and make sure not to burn the kernels! Remove any unpopped kernels or you'll end up with some cracked fillings - just give me a call if you forget and need those fixed

Mix the popcorn and crushed Oreos together until evenly distributed.

Melt candy melts in the microwave in 30 second intervals, mixing well in between until glossy and smooth.

Drizzle half of the candy melts over the popcorn and use a rubber spatula to coat evenly.

Add the rest of the candy melts and toss mixture gently for about a minute.

Spread mixture onto a large sheet of wax paper and allow candy coating to set completely - about 20 minutes. Store in an airtight container.