Lemon Sandwich Cookies

This past weekend in Cape Cod, Ryan and I did a whole lotta nothin. And boy was it fabulous. When the weather’s nice, there’s always a certain amount of pressure to go out and make the absolute best out of the beautiful day, never wasting a moment of sunshine. It’s a lot of pressure! Especially in the midst of a long distance relationship confined to weekend jaunts in CT or CC. So I happily welcomed the rain this weekend; it gave us a reason to simply relax, watch a good movie, some trashy TV (gotta love those Kardashians), and of course, bake.

Ryan loves anything lemon, so I hopped onto marthastewart.com and found a lemon cookie recipe that appealed to the both of us. Here’s the link to the recipe: Martha Stewart’s Lemon Sandwich Cookies. My photos may not be quite as sharp as hers (blame the crappy lighting due to the rain!), but I’m pretty sure the cookies tasted just as good.

One tablespoon of lemon zest for the cookies and one for the creamy filling was enough to make our hands and the kitchen smell amazing for hours. Mmmm that’s the good stuff

This was a great way to spend our rainy Saturday afternoon and I recommend these cookies to anyone who loves a good lemon cookie. The consistency of the cookie was kind of like a shortbread, but a little less crunchy — perfection to me!

Anyone looking to buy me a Christmas present? Hint, hint

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