A Holiday Gift Idea

We’re in super study mode over here, and with a histology practical, anatomy practical, and 4 hour didactic exam on Monday — there’s not much baking going on in my kitchen. So to keep you, my trusty readers, appeased, I decided to post a cute holiday gift idea for any of your baking aficionado family members or friends. Just look how cute these are:

They’re not just figurines, they have a very useful purpose as well!

Well, I’ll be honest, I don’t really use them very often to measure out anything — they’re just too pretty! But they make a great decoration for my kitchen and I also use them to hold my rings while I’m gettin messy with my baking.

I bought these at Anthropologie this past summer, and they don’t seem to have these giraffes available anymore, but they have other cute geese, Russian nesting dolls, and flowers. I gave the geese as a bridal shower present this summer and she loved them!

I cannot wait until next Monday — I’ll be done with 3 big tests and I can finally get some baking in! For now, it’s back to the books…

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    Sumaiyyah — September 7, 2011 @ 8:53 am

    They’re so cute! They’d definitely make a lovely gift ;)

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