Sweet Sunday Six

Bloggers really never cease to amaze me. Grapefruit Layer Cake that looks like an actual grapefruit? Dessert bruschetta with NUTELLA?? These people are geniuses. I feel lucky to just share this little corner of blogosphere with all of you, and hope we all continue to inspire each other! I may never be able to paint citrus on a cake to perfection or master macarons, but I can definitely drool over and share them with all of you. Here are my six favorites of the week… FotorCreated

1. Pistachio English Toffee from That Oven Feelin

2. Grapefruit Layer Cake from Sugar Hero

3. Chocolate Banana Muffins with Cookie Dough Streusel from Bake at 350

4. Conversation Heart Macarons from Sugar + Cloth

5. Banana Nutella Dessert Bruschetta from Just a Taste

6. Twix Caramel Shortbread Cookies from Drool-Worthy Daily

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